Hi I'm Rebecca and this is me.You know my name but not my story so read my about me before going to my ask. Send me something funny to make day so go here. Check out my 365 days of thoughts and my other thoughts too. Have a nice day and enjoy.

About me

 I’m seventeen years old and taken. Currently residing on Lawwnng Island. I’m obsessed with anchors. I wish I could live on the beach. Music is what keeps me alive. Softball is the sport and no I’m not a dyke. Favorite color is turquoise. Ask for me to check out your blog but I probably won’t follow you back. I don’t steal pictures from anyone, I get them off buddy4u so don’t accuse me of shit. If you don’t like me or anything I post, click the unfollow button on the top right cause I simply don’t give a shit, especially anons. I love giving advice and I’m always here so ask away. Anything else you want to know, just put it in my ask (:

Instagram: @rebeccapistocchi