My names Becca. I live in New York. I'm a raver and I try not to let life get to me.

Instagram: @beccaa_maryy

New glasses (:
Summmerr timeee
Hey guys, am I hipster with my mirror sunglasses??
Off to my softball game. Gonna be a long ass bus ride.
Hair after softball practice. I’m so fucking attractive.
I’m so bored.
Here you go anon. What I look like on a rainy ass day.

I just want to say that everyone is fucking beautiful and you deserve to be on this earth. I hate seeing people in pain and wanting not to be here. But I want you to be here. Please, take a moment and just think of all the good times. Even if it’s just one memory. Keep thinking of it. Hold onto it. And cherish it forever. And remember if you keep living on, you WILL have another memory like that. Trust me. And if anyone every needs to vent, my ask is open, anon or not.